How To Fix Email Problems.

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Topics covered in outlook express Email problems section

  1. Outlook Express settings Problems.
    Microsoft outlook express is one of the most stable of all the microsoft products, but if you are having problems this page will help you fix email problems.

  2. How to setup an Outlook Express email account.
    Learn how to setup an email account using microsoft outlook express.

  3. The importance of backing up your emails.
    Here is a link to help you back up your emails with microsoft outlook express.

  4. Pop Servers List.
    Here you will find a list of pop servers and smtp servers for most of the major broadband suppliers in the uk.

  5. How do i stop spam emails.
    Learn how to stop spam emails.

Email Problems

Most Email problems are concerned with settings within your email program
Most likely Outlook Express
The most common problem with emails is pop server and user name and password.
If any of these settings have become corrupt, and they do from time to time, then you will not be able to receive or send emails.

How Do i Backup Outlook Express

The other biggest problem is how to back up emails and your email address book. Over the years i have witnessed the loss of thousands and thousands of very important emails and email address books.
Not just from domestic users but also from my business clients aswell.
You are not the only one who hasnt backed up their important email.
But you have one advantage over those poor unfortunates you have us here at free computer advice to forwarn you.

If its important Back it up

Here is a link to ourOutlook Express Problems page.

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