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What Computer software do you need.

So what software do you need for your computer.
This is the biggest area of computing. By that I mean there are more software packages than fish in the sea. Ok maybe not but there are quite literally thousands and thousands.
The software you need for your computer will depend on what you want to do with your computer.
I am going to out line the must have software. And Give you some idea of the Recommended software to have installed on your computer.
Then give you some idea of other most commonly used computer software with links to some of the best vendors of computer software.

The Number One Absolute Must Have Software

The number one piece of software every computer must have is an Antivirus software. If you are going to use the internet you Must Must Must have anti virus software. It does not matter if you only go on one site once per year.
If you are on the internet without an anti virus software program you will get a virus.
The price of the antivirus software far out weighs the cost of computer repair, computer down time and most of all data loss.
Did I make that clear enough. You MUST have an antivirus software.

ok I did bang on a bit about the antivirus software but It is necessary for you to understand just how important anti virus software is.
My computer business earns more money from cleaning out computers that have been infected with a virus than anything else.

The Number Two Software

The next most important software you computer needs is an Anti Spyware Program
Here is a review of The Best Anti Spyware Software programs.
In actual fact spyware is quickly becoming more of a problem from the internet than any other single thing and that includes viruses.
A good anti spyware program is an absolute must on a computer using the modern day internet.

The Third Most Important Computer Software

This one is really two. I am saying its two because I cant decide which one of these two computer software should come first in place of importance.
Backup software or Registry Cleaning Software
If push comes to shove I would pick the backup software. In my opinion (which as you know by now is the only one that counts) a good data backup software is more important than anything else.
Think of it like this, if you have all your important data backed up it really does not matter if you have a fatal crash. You can always reinstall your computer operating system in a few hours. But if you have no backup it could take you forever to retrieve all you data. Imaging having to remember all your email addresses and retyping them all back in.
get a backup software,

Other Computer Software

Probably the most common end user software is without doubt Microsoft office.
This includes
Word, word processor
Excel, Spread sheet.
Power point, Slide show presentation software.
Publisher, Design software
Outlook, Email and diary software.
Front Page. Web building software.
The Microsoft office package is quite expensive but I have found a package that Is fully compatible and one quarter the price. PLACE LINK HERE.

as I said at the beginning the software you buy will all depend on you and how you want to use your computer but just one last rant on get some Antivirus software.

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